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Thanks for taking the time to look at our website and hopefully consider this business for your first training needs.  I created In A Heartbeat First Aid Training in 2013 but I’ve been responding to real life emergencies for longer.  I’ve been through my share of them, and on both sides of the 911 radio system.  I’ve been a Paramedic, responding to medical calls by ambulance, by helicopter, and by Coast Guard vessels.  I went to calls knowing very little about what I was driving towards.  The conditions that defined my work environment were unpredictable, constantly changing, highly emotional and stressful, and sometimes even dangerous.  Yet in the midst of it all, I had to be at my best when others were at their worst.  I’ve also been a 911 Dispatcher, answering phone calls where I know the caller on the other end is relying on me to help them, to tell them what to do, and to get them the help they need and as quickly as possible.  I am not a hero.  I am not an adrenaline junkie (although I love thrill rides at amusement parks).  I am just someone who made a commitment to help others.  To contribute.  To make the best of a bad situation.  To help.

I have seen first hand the difference it can make when people take the initiative to respond to medical emergencies.  People have survived due to simple acts of kindness and compassion.  You don’t need fancy letters beside your name (as nice as they look).  You just need the desire to help.  It is with these principles and desires that I formed In A Heartbeat First Aid Training, and from day one I knew that I wanted to work with other EMS/HCP professionals.  The concept is simple: to help spread the desire to help, and to use the higher level of experience and qualifications to deliver the best quality courses, thus enabling our customers to feel confident they can appropriately act when an emergency suddenly occurs.  I fondly recall being dispatched to a cardiac arrest in a parking lot outside of a nursing home.  We arrived and saw two Personal Support Workers doing CPR.  My partner and I took over care and got the patient to the hospital after taking over CPR and defibrillating the.  A week later we received a commendation from the ICU Physician at the hospital where we took the patient to.  He stated the man was discharged from the ICU and went home, and suffered absolutely no brain or heart damage.  It’s as if the whole incident was a bad dream.  My partner and I were certainly part of the overall team that saved this person’s life, but the only reason why that man had the outcome he did  was because of two inferior trained (in terms of first response skills) good samaritans who saw someone who needed help, quickly called, and wasted no time in acting.

Consider learning first aid from us.  Consider equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to step in and help your friend when they get injured, to help your parent when they suffer a medical episode, or to help your child when they accidentally take a poisonous substance or choke on food.  It is my hope and goal to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence that you can make a difference in your community.  To act.  To help.  All in a heart beat.


Jason Angulo, A-EMCA, ACO1

Owner and Head Instructor

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