• In July In A Heartbeat First Aid Training opened its doors and began offering courses at our Oakville location.
  • July 25, 2013: The first course took place.  There was a modest number of participants (five) but they were very appreciative of the quality of their course.
  • In A Heartbeat First Aid Training partnered with the Vita Centre to provide volunteer first aid & home safety related presentations and workshops to their GAP, PACE, and Supperworks groups.
  • Our Mississauga location opened up and began hosting courses.  Shortly after, we closed our Oakville location.
  • The business expanded to include the sales of some first aid products, namely face shields and pocket masks.
  • Further expansion included beginning the process to become a distributor of AEDs.
  • Steps began to be taken to diversify the courses that we offer, a process that would take several months.
  • Website completely redesigned.
  • Began offering blended learning courses and other higher level courses.
  • Added our Etobicoke location.

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