Courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) provide the skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies and choking for adults, children, and babies depending on the level of CPR chosen. Courses meet legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards, and include the latest CPR guidelines and training in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

This course is offered in two ways:

  1. Blended learning: The course is divided into two components.  Participants must first finish the online component and then attend the classroom component within 4 weeks.
  2. In-class learning: The entire course is delivered in class with no online component involved.

The amount of teaching time required for the course is dependant on which level of CPR/AED is chosen and the course delivery option chosen:

  1. Blended learning: approximately 2 hours online; Level A in-class: 2.5 hours; Level C in-class: 3.5 hours; Level HCP in-class: 4.5 hours
  2. In-class course: 4 to 6 hours

The online component of the blended learning option can be taken at any time, however you must attend the in-class component within 4 weeks of recieving access to the online portion, or you forfeit the course and will have to re-register for the entire course.  Please check the course calendar to see when the in-class portion is offered before you register for the blended learning option.  Within 24 hours of signing up for the course you will receive an email with instructions on registering for the online portion.

In order to complete the course you must attend 100% of the course, earn at least a 75% grade on a written exam, and demonstrate the skills to the standard set by the Canadian Red Cross.  Successful completion results in a 3 year certification.

The recertification course must be taken before your current certification expires.  There is no grace period.  In order to attend a recertification course the participant must present the current certification to the instructor at the beginning of the course or else be refused admittance into the course.  The amount of teaching time required for a recertification course is dependant on which level of CPR chosen and the course delivery option chosen:

  1. Blended learning: approximately 2 hours online; Level C in-class: 2.5 hours; Level HCP in-class: 3.5 hours
  2. In-class course: Level C & HCP: 4 hours

Recertification of Level A CPR is not recognized by WSIB and therefore is not offered.  Instead you will need to re-take the entire course again.

The content learned is dependant on the level of CPR chosen:

  1. Level A: The Red Cross; responding to emergencies; Check, Call, Care; recovery position; choking (adult); assisting with medications; chest pain; stroke; CPR/AED (adult); deadly bleeding..
  2. Level C: Everything included in level A plus choking for all ages, CPR for all ages.

The following materials are provided for participant use:

  1. CPR manual: This is an in-class reference book.
  2. Comprehensive Guide to First Aid & CPR/AED: This is a downloadable e-book which contains the course content, as well as additional related content.
  3. First Aid app: This app acts as a quick reference for first aid and other emergency situations.  Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
  4. Be Ready app: This app is a valuable resource when sudden disasters such as fires, power outages, floods, and earthquakes hit.  Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

$65 & HST (either level of CPR)

What is the age requirement for the course?

There is no set age requirement for the course.  When considering putting a child into the course it is the responsibility of the parent to determine if the child has the mental and physical ability to attend and understand the course.  If you are unsure if your child would do well in one of our courses please call the office to discuss your thoughts and we promise to do everything we can to ensure your child would enjoy their time with us.

What are my options if I am unsuccessful in the course?

The instructor delivering the course is ultimately responsible for determining if you are successful or not, as by signing your certification they are stating they have determined you meet the requirements as set out by the curriculum and in theory could be held legally accountable in certain situations.  That being said each instructor has the leeway to assess the nature of your course outcome and determine if the result was truly due to lack of understanding and demonstrating the skills, or if it was another reason that shouldn’t cause you to be unsuccessful.  If the instructor ultimately decides that you do not meet the requirements you can contact the office and seek a review.  The review does not promise a favourable result.


You have 4 weeks from when you complete the online component of the blended learning course to complete the in-class component.  Failure to do so will result in you needing to take the entire course from the beginning, including purchasing it again.  When considering taking a blended learning course it is recommended you view the course calendar to determine if the in-class component is offered on a day that you will be able to attend.

Can I take a recertification course?

Recertification courses for level C & HCP CPR/AED can only be taken if your current certification has not expired.  Once it expires you must attend the entire course again.  A recertification course can only be taken once between full courses, and as such proof of your certification must be presented to your instructor at the beginning of the course.  If you fail to do so you will be refused admittance into the course and no refund given, however you can re-schedule your course free of charge. Recertification of level A CPR/AED is not recognized by WSIB in Ontario, therefore it cannot be offered.

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