This comprehensive two-day course is designed to meet the needs of those expected to provide first aid in a marine environment. The course uses a combination of lecture, discussion, and scenarios taken from the marine/fishing industry to teach the required knowledge and skills.  This course meets the requirements of Transport Canada outlined in Transport Publication (TP) 13008 E.

This course is offered in-class only.

The amount of teaching time required for the course is 16 hours.

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In order to complete the course you must attend 100% of the course, earn at least a 75% grade on a written exam, and demonstrate the skills to the standard as set by the Canadian Red Cross.  Upon successful completion you will earn a 3 year certification in Marine Basic First Aid & CPR/AED Level C, equivalent to Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C, and a Transport Canada certification in Marine Basic First Aid

There is no recertification option for this course.

The content is divided into several topics:

  1. Assessment of needs of ill or injured persons and threats to own safety
  2. Appreciation of body structure and functions
  3. Positioning of person
  4. The unconscious person
  5. Resuscitation techniques (including CPR C)
  6. Control bleeding
  7. Management of shock
  8. Burns, scalds, and injuries caused by electricity
  9. Rescue and transport of person
  10. Other topics including improvising bandages, rescue in confined spaces, infectious diseases, and personal health and hygiene

The participant will receive a First Aid & CPR course manual.  Upon successful completion the participant will receive a wallet sized certification card and a Transport Canada training certificate.  Laminating the card and/or purchasing a wall sized card are available as optional add-ons.

What is the age requirement for the course?

16 years of age.

What is Transport Canada regulation 13008E?

This regulation, called Training Standards for Marine First Aid and Marine Medical Care, document #13008 (English), is a regulation that covers the first aid aspect of marine transportation regulations.  Chapter 2 defines an authorized first aid Training Partner, and chapter 3 defines the required course content, both which In A Heartbeat First Aid Training meets. Click here to download Transport Canada 13008E: Training Standards for Marine First Aid and Marine Medical Care.

What are my options if I am unsuccessful in the course?

The instructor delivering the course is ultimately responsible for determining if you are successful or not, as by signing your certification they are stating they have determined you meet the requirements as set out by the curriculum and in theory could be held legally accountable in certain situations.  That being said each instructor has the leeway to assess the nature of your course outcome and determine if the result was truly due to lack of understanding and demonstrating the skills, or if it was another reason that shouldn’t cause you to be unsuccessful.  Some of those reasons may include dyslexia, not understanding the wording of the test, and ESL participants.  If the instructor ultimately decides that you do not meet the requirements you can contact the office and seek a review.  The review does not promise a favourable result.

Can I take a recertification course?

Due to Transport Canada regulations there is no recertification course.  In order to remain certified you must take the full course prior to the expiration of your certification.

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