From the owner:

Thank you for considering our one-of-a-kind charity first aid courses.  Here’s the background: I love hockey, and I love teaching life-saving skills.  I also believe in helping others, compassion, and getting the most out of life.  Seven years ago I was introduced to the Brad May Celebrity Classic Hockey Tournament.  The tournament is run by Easter Seals, a highly ratred non-profit charity that focuses on providing supports, programs, services, and funding for children with disabilities.  The tournament takes place on December 2, 2022 at the Sixteen Mile Creek Sports Complex in Oakville.

As the captain of my team I want to set an example and encourage each of my teammates, whom I personally spent significant time recruiting, to raise as much as they can to go towards this great cause.  I actually run three whole teams thanks to my recruiting efforts.  As such, I have decided to run first aid courses for charity.  In short, I am providing certified Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level “C” courses in exchange for donations.  The business, nor I personally, do not profit one single dollar from this initiative.  This is all for charity and helping others.

Help me to raise money for a good cause, and learn valuable skills in the process.  You benefit in so many ways.  We have also instituted Red Cross guided Covid19 protocols to help ensure safety in the course.  See below for details. 


Guaranteed Low Cost

Enjoy the lowest price around for first aid training.  Only pay $109 all inclusive for your certified Red Cross Standard First Aid course.  Elsewhere you’re paying at least $130 with HST factored in anywhere else.  Financially it’s the best deal you’ll find!


all for charity

Not only are you paying the lowest price, but every dollar goes to charity… and you get some of it back!  $89 of the $109 cost comes back to you as a charitable tax receipt.  The other $20 goes to the Red Cross… another reputable charity that benefits from your help.


supporting your community

By learning these valuable life saving skills, you can come to the aid of friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else in your community.  The more people are trained, the more likely someone around you in a time of need will know how to help.  There are several dozen more people in Milton trained in first aid and CPR thanks to taking these charity courses over the past few years.


This is a comprehensive course (half online and half in person) offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home.  The course includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines, and meets federal and a variety of provincial/territorial regulations for Standard First Aid and CPR.

This course is being offered as a blended course.  This means that you must complete an online course component prior to attending the in-class component.  The Canadian Red Cross advertises that it takes  7-8 hours to complete the online course, but most participates state it can be completed within a 3-5 hour time frame.    You can log on as many times you wish.  At the conclusion of the online component, you must print off the online course completion certificate, and bring it with you to the in-class portion.  Failure to do so will mean you cannot get certified.

The in-class component takes a day to complete.  At the conclusion of the in-class component the participant shall become certified in Standard First Aid with level “C” CPR/AED (CPR for all ages).

The cost of the course is $109.  When registering for the course we ask for a $20 deposit to secure your spot in the course (more information in the REGISTER tab).  By the day of the course the remaining $89 is owed.  Please review the payment options below:

  • Due to Covid19 we ask for all donations be made using credit card via this secured donation URL, which acceptes Visa, Mastercard, and America Express:
  • If you are unable to pay online using a credit cart, other arrangements can be made (etransfer, cash).

The $20 deposit and the $89 donation adds up to the course fee of $109.

Currently you can choose to enroll in either of the following course offerings:

  • Saturday, March 19 from 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday, May 7 from 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday, July 9 from 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday, September 10 from 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday, October 15 from 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday, November 19 from 9am to 5pm

The training space is generously being donated by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #136.  The facility’s address is:

21 Charles Street, Milton, ON, L9T 2G5

On-site parking is available at the back of the building at the corner of Commercial Street and Pearl Street.  Public parking is also available across from the main entrance of the building at the corner of Charles Street and Mary Street (may need to pay for spots).

To access the training room use the entrance on Charles Street underneath the main sign.

The course covers a variety of topics:

  1. The Red Cross
  2. Responding to Emergencies
  3. Check, Call, Care
  4. Choking (all ages)
  5. Circulation Emergencies
  6. CPR/AED (all ages)
  7. Breathing Emergencies
  8. Wound Care
  9. Head, Neck, Spine Injuries
  10. Bone, Muscle, Joint Injuries
  11. Sudden Medical Emergencies
  12. Environmental Illnesses
  13. Poisons

In order to complete the course you must attend 100% of the course, earn at least a 75% grade on a written exam, and demonstrate the skills to the standard set by the Canadian Red Cross.  Successful completion results in a 3 year certification.

The certification itself is a digital certificate emailed to you shortly after completing the course.

To register for the course, you must email the following: a) which date(s) you wish to take the course, and b) provide your first and last name and email address to  You must also send an e-transfer of $20 to the same email address.  NOTE: You are *not* considered registered for the course until the deposit is received.

As stated in the COST tab, the deposit will count towards the $99 overall cost.

If you need to cancel the course, as long as you provide at least one week’s notice you will receive the deposit back.  Cancellation within one week means the deposit will be handled as a donation towards the charity tournament (you will get a charitable tax receipt for that amount).

Safety is always a paramount concern for us.  Our protocols are based on guidance by the Canadian Red Cross, which meets all provincial and local health authority restrictions and guidelines.

Currently, proof of vaccination is not required.  The number of spaces allowed in a course is only limited by the amount of area to ensure a two meter space per participant, except in circumstqances when closer contact is required (ex: certain skills that can only be demonstrated on people).


important links

What is your fundraising goal?

I have set an ambitious goal of raising $3,500 with the deadline being December 1.

How much have you raised in the past?

Last year I raised $3000, and the teams I ran raised an overall $53,340.  Overall the tournament raised a $250,000.  Over the past five years the tournament has raised over a million dollars.  As there are multiple tournaments spread out around Ontario each year, collectively they have raised several millions of dollars.

Do I get a charitable tax receipt for taking part in the course?

You will get a charitable tax receipt for $79 issued by Easter Seals.  If the donation is made online via credit card, the receipt will automatically be emailed to you instantly.  If I hand in a cash donation on your behalf (in which case please hand in $80 instead of $79 to avoid handling all the coins) you will need to fill out the pledge form and you will receive your charitable tax receipt after when the money is handed in at the tournament.

The remaining $20 is an administrative fee remitted to the Canadian Red Cross.  This is their fee for you having access to the online course, and for generating the certification at its conclusion.  Because this is a fee charged, not a donation, no charitable tax receipt will be issued for this amount.  However, these fees is a significant source of revenue for the Canadian Red Cross so it can provide its non-profit humanitarian services so the money is still going towards a charitable cause.

In A Heartbeat First Aid Training keeps absolutely no money from this course.

What if I have a problem accessing or using the online course?

Within 24 hours of sending in your $20 deposit, you will receive an email from the Canadian Red Cross titled “Action Required”.  It includes your login information.  Please follow its instructions.

Click here to download our online course setup instructions.

Should you not receive the email within 24 hours, contact me so we can confirm proper spelling of your email address.  If that is not the issue you will need to contact the Canadian Red Cross Contact Center.  Select option “3” for technical assistance and they will troubleshoot the issue with you over the phone.  Try to be in front of the computer when calling.

If at any other time during the online course you have some sort of technical issue (ex: accessing it, not being able to print the completion certificate, etc) then also call the Canadian Red Cross Contact Center.

The phone number for the Canadian Red Cross Contact Center is 1-877-356-3226.  It’s operating hours are 8:30am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.


Why don't you charge HST? Is this legit?

HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is applied to the sale of goods and services.  HST does not apply in this case as I am not selling anything.  I am fundraising for a charitable cause and earn no profit or revenue to charge HST on.  However I do have a HST number and charge on public and private courses that are not for charitable causes.

Do you offer private coureses under your charity drive?

Whether you get together with a group of friends, or want a course done in your business, we also offer on-site private courses for charity.  Please contact us at (647) 528-5433 (LIFE) or email us at

What If I have a question not listed here?

Contact us by phone (647-528-LIFE [5433]) or by e-mail (, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you very much for helping my daughter, Mia, achieve her goal of getting First Aid /CPR trained at age 13. Grateful and proud Dad here. Highly recommend.
Christopher Hadley

It was really nice taking the course with you Jason! I learned a lot of important skills and I am confident applying them in real life should anything happen. You did a great job teaching us everything and keeping us engaged. It was a great experience and I’m happy I took part of it.
Jwana Al Hasani

Thanks Jason, the course was fantastic!  All for a great cause too — it’s amazing that you donate your time to this without taking a dime for yourself, to make sure the charities you support get as much as possible.
Fred DeCarolis

Strongly recommend Jason’s course. Very thorough and teaches you skills everyone should have.
Dalton Cole

We used In A Heartbeat First Aid Training for staff and daycare providers at Wee Watch and we couldn’t be happier.  Jason works hard to make the course interesting and relevant. It’s very engaging and you walk away truly feeling empowered. We will continue using them for our renewals and recertifications going forward. 

Sonya Jaura

Agency Supervisor, Wee Watch Milton

I had a wonderful experience doing my first aid course with Jason.  He’s best in his job and knows how to make his students get a good grasp of each and every concept.  The practical demonstrations were also amazing and easy to follow . I would highly,  highly recommend him.

Marium Atif

I had the good fortune of having Jason Angulo as my first aid instructor Sept. 2019.  Jason has a true passion for sharing practical knowledge about first aid and CPR training.   It is a valuable investment of your time.

Donna Waterhouse