In A Heartbeat First Aid Training was opened in 2013 by Jason Angulo, a certified Primary Care Paramedic and Ambulance Communications Officer 1, and is a first aid & CPR training provider focused in the Greater Toronto Area.  We are a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner.  This means we have been evaluated and approved as an organization that shares the Red Cross’ principles, standards, and goals of teaching first aid.  As such, we faithfully use their course curriculum, their course manuals, their written tests, and their training standards and principles.  We offer our selection of courses both on a sign-up and private course basis (some courses are offered more frequently than others).

We truly believe in the value of first aid and the fact it can (and has) made the difference between life and death for people in communities from coast to coast.  Every Red Cross Training Partner uses Red Cross certified instructors, but we take it a big step further by only utilizing instructors with additional EMS (Emergency Medical Services) or HCP (Healthcare Professional) qualifications. This means our instructors not only know the material, but have used it in real life situations.  In other words, they have both the classroom knowledge and the real world experience.  Our instructors blend that into the courses they run, creating a course experience that is widely viewed by our customers as among the best they’ve taken part in.

It is with our belief that first aid courses should be knowledgeable, fun, interactive, and confidence building  We even crafted these beliefs into our mission and vision statements.  Our mission statement outlines the purpose and function of our business.  Our vision statement goes deeper by defining what our business objectives and overall philosophy are.  By putting them together one has a good idea of what our business wants to accomplish, its ideologies, and overall what we stand for.


To provide highly rated and positively memorable first aid and CPR training to both the public and privately booked audience utilizing an instructor base with advanced medical-care related knowledge.


In A Heartbeat First Aid Training aims to provide accessible, informative, and enjoyable first aid training with the goal of instilling the knowledge, skill, and senses of empowerement and confidence in our customers so that they will intervene in any first aid situation.

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