It’s been another long while.  We just can’t seem to get around to adding more frequent posts.  I’ll file it under the ‘new year’s resolution’ category.  That being said it is the perfect opportunity to tell you about a new way to take a first aid course.  It’s actually been available since 2016 but many of you probably still don’t know about it.

I’m talking about “blended courses”.  These courses are literally divided half and half into an online theory and in-person practical skills portions.  The online theory portion is a self-study, self-paced online course that covers all the theory aspects of the course, including the knowledge aspects of the practical skills that will be done in class.  You will still have access to the instructor if you have questions.

The practical skills portion of the course has to be done in class, but only takes a fraction of the time an entire in class course takes.  As such, it’s much closer to be “in and out”.  The blended course option is more flexible, but is slightly more expensive.

Currently the blended course option is restricted to CPR, Emergency First Aid, and Standard First Aid courses.